Cullmans only



established in 1995

L to R: Allison Smith, Samantha Rogers, Leah Bowden, Andrea Austin,

                 Gracie Lee,Emma Rogers, Madeline Riggs, Lennon Ashby.

Front Row: Marianna Willoughby, Cara Winton, Noley Morring,

                                         Ella Harris, Esther Lanier.

The Cullman Ballet Company

is the pre-professional company of "Cullman Ballet Theatre School" in Cullman, Alabama.

Owner and Artistic director, Elaine Willingham, formed the company in 1995. 

Auditions are held once a year for the more serious dance student that wants to prepare for a career in dance and have more performance opportunities.

The dance competition scene is not our focus but rather to further the education and love of the art of classical & contemporary dance in the Cullman city and county area.

The Cullman Ballet Company continues to participate in dance lecture demonstartions in the Cullman County

and City school district.

Our dancers have also performed with the Montgomery Ballet production of Nutcracker,

the New York Theatre touring company production of Sleeping Beauty and has won several Honorable Mentions in the Huntsville Panoply dance competitions.

Some alumni have gone on to dance with the Harid Conservatory, Alabama Ballet, Oklahoma Ballet, Corpus Christi Ballet, Indianapolis International Ballet, Atlanta Dance Connection, on Broadway and as dancers on the Royal Caribbean Productions cruise ship. 

                    L to R: (Standing)

Madeline Riggs,Noley Morring,

Cara Winton, Marianna Willoughby,

Ella Harris.



Andrea Austin, Samantha Rogers, Leah Bowden, Esther Lanier.

                       L to R:

Allison Smith, Emma Dodd,

        Lennon Ashby & Gracie Lee.