Upcoming Events & Information

2022 Recital Performances 

"The Doll Shop & Les Sylphide Ballet"

Dates and Times are being discussed and will be posted ASAP.

Our recital performances will be in the new "Performance Center" located at CBT School.

Seats are very limited and we ask that you call us in January to inquire about tickets.



All the following information is in the school handbook you receive when you register for a class.

Please read Newsletters that are available only by subscribing through our website.

The school handbook and on-line newsletter are your source of information

regarding our school and it's related events and activities.

Between Newsletters, additional information will be posted on the

bulletin boards in the waiting room and the dressing rooms, and on our 

Website and Facebook & Instagram pages.

We highly encourage all families to follow us on Facebook for the

most up to date news that is going on at the school.

"The Ballet Theatre School"

Under the direction of Elaine Willingham, focuses on quality technical

training in classical ballet and other related dance forms.

"The Cullman Ballet Company" 

is the civic ballet company of the school for the more dedicated student, by audition only.

Audition date and time:  (May)


"The Cullman Ballet Society"

is the parent support group with a Board of Directors and various

committees to further support the school and The Cullman Ballet Company,

Scholarships for Summer Study are also available.

All parents are encouraged to get involved and attend the monthly meetings.


*Visitors Week

All students will have a "Visitors Day" scheduled in December during

their regular class time for guest to observe their dancers progress.

  Details on this will be explained in the November Newsletter and

posted at the school.

Please check the schools "Face Book" page and newsletters and the

school bulletin board frequently for updated information on new  class

information and special events or performances.


*Tuition and Rules:

Cash payments must be paid at the school office.

Check payments may be paid at the office or mailed to the school.

Tuition can be mailed: 1704 Tally Ho Street, Cullman, Alabama 35055.

Cash or checks can be left in the drop off box near the office window.

Cash payments should be given to the school office and a receipt received or

enclosed in the cash envelopes provided in the wall pocket near the office window.

Online payments are available when parents set up their accounts through the Parent Portal. 

We appreciate your promptness in paying for your child's dance classes in a timely manner.

Once registered, Tuition is due for the entire August 23, 2021 - May 2022 session of classes.

 "Payable in 3 ways:" 

Monthly (due the 1st of each month for a total of 9 months)

Late fees applied after the 15th of each month

Semester(due September 1st and again January 15th)

Annual (due upon registration).

Statements are not mailed out.


A Late Fee:

$20.00 will be charged on accounts paid after the 15th of each month. 

     Please Do Not post date checks!!

$30.00 Fee charged for insufficient checks.


Registration Fee: $20.00 ($30.00 family)

is due before students are allowed to start class.


Recital Fee of $40.00 per dancer is due November - January. 

This is used for the Spring Performance which includes 2 tickets per student to one performance.

Family discount is $35.00 - 2nd child, $30 - 3rd child.


Costumes are ordered and paid for in January.

Elaine personally measures each student. Prices will vary.

Costumes are purchased for each dance the child will perform.

No refunds once order is placed.


Refunds: Registration Fees, Recital Fees, and Costumes are non-refundable.

Ballet Theatre School reserves the right to cancel classes that do not meet a

minimum enrollment of 6 students and offer an alternative class time.

There will be no refunds for classes missed except in the case of a transfer from the area or

prolonged illness. 

A $25 Administrative Fee will be charged on requested refunds for semester or

annual tuition.


Missed Class Policy: We understand that occasionally students must miss their regularly

scheduled classes. It is our policy that students make up these classes by coming to other classes

offered. A schedule of classes is posted on the studio doors.

Many classes are at their capacity. Please consult the schedule and make advance arrangements

with Elaine or Anna to schedule which class is best for the dancer to participate as a makeup.

If a student is unable to attend class, please call the studio at 256 734-7775 and leave a message

to let the child's teacher know they will be absent.

Please make note:

Taking makeup classes are not allowed during the recital rehearsal

season season March - May.



If, at any time of the school year, your child needs to withdraw from any dance class, you must fill

out a green Withdrawal Form located in the wall pocket near the Ballet School office door.

You will be charged for missed classes if your child drops out of class without first turning in a

dated, green, Withdrawal Form.

Form must be turned in by the 15th of the month.


The focus of Cullman Ballet Theatre School spring recital performances is the development

of self expression, appreciation of artistry, teamwork (equal to any sports league),

joy of dance, the theatrical experience, and a sense of accomplishment.